Dr Edmund Forster

The Man Who Invented Hitler: The Making of the Führer

About Dr David Lewis


French born Dr David Lewis, a neuropsychologist, best selling author and historical researcher, obtained his doctorate in experimental psychology at the University of Sussex. He later lectured there before quitting to become a full-time researcher and author. He has written widely on the psychology of totalitarianism especially in relation to the rise of Adolf Hitler and National Socialism with articles appearing in such publications as International History and The Criminologist.

His interest in Edmund Forster was first aroused in 1973 with the publication, in History of Childhood Quarterly (Vol. 1, No. 2 (Fall 1973), pp. 187-215, 249-58) of an article entitled: Hitler’s Concept of Lebensraum: The Psychological Basis, by Rudolph Binion, Professor of History at Brandeis University, Boston.

This article mentioned Forster’s name for the first time following the declassification, only a short time earlier, of a US Naval Intelligence document relating to Hitler’s treatment for hysterical blindness at Pasewalk.

At that time it was too risky for Dr Lewis to visit the scenes of Forster’s work at Pasewalk and Greifswald, since both were behind the Iron Curtain. Having written on the history of and psychological techniques employed by the KGB and Stasi he was advised that any such trip was fraught with political dangers.

Only with the fall of Communist was it possible for him to embark on the long delayed research which he did in collaboration with Professor Binion who generously made his own extensive Forster archive available to him.

In addition to Germany and Austria the search for the truth of Professor Edmund Forster’s life and death took him and his German based researchers – Eva Magin-Pelich MA and Jacqueline Holzer MA – to the USA, Italy, France, the Netherlands and Belgium. He is currently researching a book on the Reichstag Fire.

Dr David Lewis is currently Director of Research at Mindlab International (R) Ltd based at the University of Sussex, Falmer, Brighton, England.