Dr Edmund Forster

The Man Who Invented Hitler: The Making of the Führer

Edmund’s Brother Dirk Forster


Dirk and Lilly Forster after WWII<br /> Photograph courtesy of Pam Foster

Dirk and Lilly Forster after WWII
Photograph courtesy of Pam Foster

Curriculum Vitae Dirk Forster

1906   Studied law in Strassburg, Leipzig, Munich
1906   Referendar (candidate for a higher civil-service post who has passed the first state examination and is undergoing in-service training)
1911  Assessor (holder of a higher civil service post, who has passed the necessary examinations but has not yet completed his/her probationary period)
1911   Dr. iur. (Strassburg)
1912   Started a career in the Foreign Ministry as applicant
1914   Work for consulate general in Amsterdam
1916   Service in WWI
1916   Work for consulate general in Budapest
1917   Work in the Foreign Ministry
1918   Worked in the Foreign Ministry
1919   Counsellor
1921   Counsellor at the legation of second class at the embassy in Paris
1925   Work in the Foreign Ministry in Berlin
1931   Counsellor at the embassy in Paris
1937   Suspended from job
1942   Compulsory retirement
1950   Deputy leader of German office for peace questions

Certificate for Dirk Forster, 20.11.1950

“We confirm that Dirk Forster worked for the Foreign Ministry in Berlin from 1912 to 1937 and that he is a victim of persecution of the Nazi regime. On Hitler’s orders, he was dismissed from the Foreign Ministry as politically unreliable in 1937, as he in a meeting with Hitler in 1936 spoke against the planned violent re-militarization of the Rheinland and the violation of the contract of Locarno. “