Dr Edmund Forster

The Man Who Invented Hitler: The Making of the Führer

Edmund Forster’s Meeting
with the German Jewish Emigres


Exterior of the Café Royal as it is today

Exterior of the Café Royal as it is today

Forster travelled to south Germany, near Basel, for his mother’s 80th birthday on 16 July and returned to Greifswald via Basel (where he is believed to have deposited a copy of his clinical notes on Hitler in a bank vault) via Paris where he met German émigré writers from Das Neue Tagebuch at the Café Royal*.

A note of this meeting subsequently published by the novelist Walter Mehring (in Die verlorene Bibliothek (2. Auflage, 1956, page 248) in which he described how the psychiatrist who treated Hitler at Pasewalk in 1918 disclosed hospital records to him and the collaborators of Das Neue Tagebuch.

This meeting is also described by another of the writers present, the journalist Leopold Schwarzchild who was also founding editor of Das Neue Tagebuch.

In the first issue of the magazine, of the 16 September 1933 he mentions Forster’s brief visit to Paris and describes how he had warned them that, if in the next few weeks it was reported that he had committed suicide, they should not believe it. “Im Gespräch mit einem Mitarbeiter des NTB äusserte er resigniert, dass nun wohl auch an ihn ‘bald die Reihe kommen’ werde…”

* Indictes location is still in existence.