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Eugen Okilitz Letter of Denunciation


Opening page of Oklitz letter denouncing Edmund Forster

Opening page of Oklitz letter denouncing Edmund Forster

On Tuesday 22 August 1933, the following handwritten, three page, letter landed on the desk of Bernhard Rust, the recently appointed Prussian Minister for Science, Art, and Public Education in Berlin. It contained a hysterical denounciation of Professor Edmund Forster from a student, Eugen Oklitz, whom he had never even met. This letter is reprinted in full below and I have attempted to retain, so far as possible, the confused and rambling nature of the original.

“The director of the Greifswald neurological clinic , Professor Forster is mentally very strongly pro Jewish, of course as every one knows, he makes no secret of his anti-national socialistic views and is still trying to ridicule the national government and even now speaks confidently the “4th Reich”. ( “voller Zuversicht schon vom 4. Reich”). It seems outrageous that this prominent Marxist who obtained his position at the neurological clinic in Greifswald by devious means, is still around and even his friends are surprised that this Jewish amoral parasite is still in charge of his sexually perverted and contaminated clinic where, during the night, the doctors climb in and out the of the nurses windows, it is absolutely typical of the place that does involved do not even bother to deny what is happening (daß dieser jüdisch-unmoralische Parasit noch weiter in seiner sexualistisch verseuchten Klinik das Zepter führt.)

Forster is supposedly married to the ex-private secretary of Erzberger (it seems that this was the reason why Forster was made director of Greifswald) and he seems to consider it good manners, when in company, if he disappears with some lovely lady, only to emerge from a bedroom with the woman clad only in pyjamas.

His female employees are victims of his alcoholic excesses and thanks to his position of power because of his powerful position he forces his attentions on them in the way I have just mentioned, as an example one can mention the farewell party for the Jew doctor Zader (sic).

Because of this it is hardly surprising, that the matron is not permitted to discipline her nurses or her employees/co workers as all these ladies are having affairs with the doctors. The perverted conversations which can be heard in the clinic are enough to make every decent person blush with shame.

A particularly amoral type is the Czech Dr Woider, a very close friend of the Hungarian Jew Dr Zadow (sic) who will be mentioned later in this letter. This Czech sends a daily, detailed, report to Dr Zadow in Paris, which proves Woider is guilty of sabotage and spreading negative news about Germany (Horror news!)

This Czech is despite the general unemployment and against the lawful regulations still in work, receives free board and even a salary! Furthermore this cheeky foreigner and hater of Germans boasts about his filthy “goings on” and believes it is permissible, when surrounded by people with opposing views, to read his foreign newspaper in a provocative manner and speak negatively about the national government!

It is also interesting that Dr Forster has delayed, for as long as possible, the lawful dismissal of this previously mentioned Jew Dr Zadow in order to purchase with tax payer’s money a photographic table, which is just a joke against the German government since this table costs 6000 RM, Zadow gains a personal financial advantage in this purchase since Zadow receives 15% for each one supplied. Furthermore several thousand metres of film have been wasted by this foreign Jew, we estimate it is about 30,000 metres. All this happened after the 30th January and particularly after the 1st April 1933. The scientific loot from these films Zadow with the help of his boss Prof. Forster took in Forster’s private car, with Forster to Paris where Forster’s brother, ambassador councillor Forster, did everything for his friend, the parasite Dr Zadow, who now very cynically says he hopes to return here very soon.

This trip to Paris is said to have been done on expenses and like everything else which has been claimed as business trips seems very suspicious indeed. These ‘business trips’ were a fairly regular event in Forster’s clinic. On one of these business trips in his own car to his brother in Paris, Forster took with him an assistant Miss R.(now dismissed), she returned with three ball gowns!

Miss R. was later dismissed at the same time as Dr Z. when it became known that she was betraying Forster and had enjoyed a relationship with this Dr. Z, liaisons which had taken place while Forster was lecturing. After this female assistant had been dismissed negatives and prints of Miss R. and director Prof Forster were found, which showed they had been photographed in the ‘nude’!

Furthermore Forster only listens to Paris on the radio and claims it is the only way to hear the truth and that the speeches of Hitler were only for lunatics and the mentally insane.

When Forster at the beginning of April (or May) was in Berlin, and was asked by a colleague, how he had liked the speech of our people’s chancellor and this colleague had spoken enthusiastically about our Führer, all Forster could do was to speak negatively about Hitler’s speech.

It is also a fact that the neurological clinic has been embellished with particularly charming pictures (beautiful women’s breasts etc), which are the works of a painter who at the time was employed out of friendship and an enthusiasm for this kind of Kitsch ‘art’: approximately four of these repulsive paintings had to be removed because they were causing a public outrage! This is how institute monies were wasted!

It wasn’t enough that one X-ray department was constructed at a cost 85,000 RM, plus a further 35,000 RM to equip it. One asks oneself who obviously lined his pockets there!!! It should therefore be strongly recommended that a commission with powers to carry out a detailed check of the account books is set-up, especially as in the past such checks have uncovered wasteful practices by the clinic: although without discovering the person responsible for these dishonesties! It is an indisputable fact already that certain amounts were spent without justification! To mention just one other small detail. Very recently, allegedly for a business trip to his home town the foreign Jew Dr Zadow was paid 55 RM, as can be seen in the account!  For this foreign Jew large amounts of money are available, for an unemployed party member however there wasn’t even any lunch!

Prof Forster is supposed to have packed his suitcases just in case anything is discovered so that he can disappear across the border to Paris ‘on a business trip’.

(Note: Underlinings in original document)

Who was Oklitz and what prompted him to write such an extraordinary letter in the first instance?

For a start Oklitz, who lived in Berlin, was not and never had been one of Forster’s students in the medical faculty nor, indeed, was he at Greifswald University.

Only after Forster’s death did his motive become clear. Oklitz’ had family links to Greifswald where his father had held the bursary since 1925 and his sister Luise Oklitz had worked in the neurological clinic as a laboratory assistant.

Klara Korth, a typist, and Johanna Rätz, Forster’s secretary later claimed that Luise had twice attempted to blackmail Edmund, first in the summer of 1931 and again in July 1933 in an attempt to force him to promote her and had also threatened to bring to bear the influence of her father. (Source: Geheimes Staatsarchiv).

I have no information as to the eventual fates of either Eugen or Luise Oklitz, although one unconfirmed account claims he died while fighting on the Russian Front. Again