Dr Edmund Forster

The Man Who Invented Hitler: The Making of the Führer

Movements of Forster Family Following Edmund’s Death


Marie (Mila) Bretschneider moved to Berlin with her two sons, Balduin and Ruprecht sometime in 1934, probably after March. Their address was given as 30 Stübbenstrasse 1 in the Bayrisches Viertel district. Her name is first listed in the Berlin directory for 1935, III. Band. IV. Teil page 1507. She stayed there for a least ten years, since she is listed in the 1943 Berliner Adressbuch, III Band. Stressen u.Häuser, IV. Teil (Schöneberg) p.1626. This directory was based on compilations of a survey of Einwohner, taken at the beginning of 1944. This means she was still living at the same address in the first quarter of 1944 when the survey was taken. The building in which she was living was totally destroyed by an Allied bombing raid most likely on May 16, 1944. According to police records, in this raid Stübbenstrasse 1 (ref: Polezei Rivier 174) directly across the street from her address – was totally destroyed by the American “ausgebombt”

The Berliner Adressbuch was not published after 1943 since bombing made it impossible to keep trace of the inhabitants.

There is no record of Mila ever having worked or remarrying. She is officially listed only as a widow throughout her time in Berlin. But she could not have been especially poor despite this. The building in which her apartment was lodged was in a plush neighbourhood and most of the other residents were professional or business people. In 1939 she had a telephone installed. There were around 20 apartments in the building. Two names appear to be Jewish, Dr H.Burlin and Israel Kaufmann, neither was listed after 1940. The building was owned by Wilhelm Freiherr Nordenflycht.